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Online Generator and Fuel Monitoring

Genlynk specializes in online generator management, fuel management and tenant billing solutions. Genlynk provides sms and email alerts for generator failure, minimize fuel theft and optimizes maintenance schedules. The built-in Tenancy Billing capability makes Genlynk the perfect choice to bill tenants on a pay-per-use basis.

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Automatic Generator Switch Status:

Genlynk gives instant notifications on your smart devices when your generator power is interrupted and provides remote ability to switch on or off the generator. We are not turning on or off the generator remotely at the moment. We are only viewing the ON and OFF status. This helps in knowing when generator has gone ON. E.g at night in the office when it is suppose to be OFF. This also helps us determine engine hours run by the generator to schedule maintenance accordingly

Generator Diagnosis Reminders:

All Genlynk products come with unlimited sms and email notifications. This will help you fix issues before they turn into serve problems, save power and save money now. With Genlynk you can follow up on your generator maintenance schedules, based on run hours or periodic maintenance on time and also get real time information on your smartphone on your generators condition.

Free Fuel Level and Volume Custom Reports:

With the advanced Genlynk features our clients get instant custom alerts on fuel level and volume consumption. Now you can get unlimited custom reports via sms and email on your tank fuel level and volume which are monitored every 30-seconds.

Quality Analysis Tools:

GenLynk connects with your generator controller panel (Modbus port), analyzing data stored from uniquely defined registers within the F panel. Each register contains specific data such as RPM, HZ, and VOLTS, etc. and can be accessed or changed as defined by the Modbus protocol.  Genlynk updates you on quality power analysis for your generator control.


Efficient Generator Performance:

With Genlynk smart dashboard you can now monitor your generator running status, engine temperature at customised intervals from any location. Genlynk gives you peace of mind.

Low Maintenance Costs:

Cut-down high generator maintenance, management cost and reduce sudden damages. Genlynk provides unlimited scheduled generator maintenance sms and email alert on battery voltage, generator hour runs, fuel consumption and overall maintenance.

Track Fuel Theft:

Genlynk on installation makes it easy to track fuel usage, at customized intervals. Genlynk easily detects and sends notifications for instances of fuel theft.


Measurement Accuracy

GenLynk provides the accurate measurement of the Diesel flow meter of your generator. GenLynk uses flow meter data to detect any Diesel theft or leakage.


Genlynk can manage single sites with single generator to multiple sites with many generators in different locations. Talk to us on the best solution for your needs.

Flexible Tenant Billing Solution

Our tenant billing module enable our clients to manage and bill tenants equitably for the usage of generator power.

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