Common Questions our customers ask.

Q. Will GenLynk work on my generator?

Yes, GenLynk can be used on any brand of generator.

Q. Does GenLynk stay connected 24/7 or does it just scan every so often?

It stays connected 24/7.

Q. I have my generator serviced quarterly, why would I need GenLynk?

Having a maintenance schedule does not prevent the generator from malfunctioning. It also does not inform you in case of fuel theft. Genlynk enables you to be empowered and proactive. It insures maximum reliability for you, your company and your customers.

Q. How will I know if there is an alarm or fault with my generator?

You will be notified immediately either by email or text messaging. It delivers info to specific designated recipients via email, text message, and/or web display, which can include your service company.

Q. Can I monitor the fuel level?


Q. Can I bill my tenants for actual fuel consumed?

Yes. See products page for more details.

Q. Can I remote start/stop on all makes of generators?


Q. We have sites in multiple states. Can I observe all of them from one web page?


Q. Is there GPS on the monitor?

GPS is standard on Genlynk.

Q. I have more than one generator at the site. Can I monitor work for multiple generators?


Q. Will this operate internationally?


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