How GenLynk Works

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Fuel Level Sensor

Genlynk tracks generator fuel tank level accurately 24/7/365 . Genlynk has capacity to track multiple tanks.

Battery voltage And Engine Monitoring

With Genlynk you can monitor your generator major operating parameters like engine temperature, oil pressure, battery voltage, power output, engine run-time, engine RPM, alternator, loads among others. Genlynk notifies you if the battery needs to be replaced.

Generator Metered Tenant Units

Genlynk Metering System product(s) covers over 100 – 1,000 metered tenant units for multiple users of two (2) to over Twenty (20) generators at a time. Our unified user interface give you the access to manage all your on-line generator metering reading also providing important data by calculating accurately your energy meter, generator efficiency, power factor, fuel consumption and total units generated daily or hourly.

Genlynk Generator Fuel Flow Meter:

The fuel flow meters are mounted in fuel line to monitor diesel fuel, Heating oil and other liquid fuels consumption properly with any of the Genlynk products. The fuel flow meter reading helps you plan the perfect timing for refueling and generator maintenance to also prevent fuel thefts and generator breakdown.

Digital Generator Controller (GECON)

The DEIF, ComAP generator controller once integrated into our system will be used to control frequency, control the potential free relay output and adjustment of fuel supply to engine of your generator.

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